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Vicon 360° Multi-Sensor Camera and Thermal Biometric Kiosk Webinar

Feb 25, 2021 3:52:47 PM / by Vicon posted in video surveillance, video cameras, Vicon, 360 surveillance, V1000 360° Multi-Sensor Camera, Thermal Biometric Kiosk, webinar



Join us for a Webinar!



Following the announcement of Vicon’s release of their multi-sensor and thermal kiosk tablet, Vicon released their webinar announcing both products on their website.

During this webinar, attendees were provided with a high-level overview of two greatly anticipated product launches: the release of the V1000 360° Multi-Sensor Series and the Thermal Biometric Kiosk. Both solutions are designed to proactively detect critical events and safeguard a number of infrastructures.

Vicon’s V1000 360° Multi-Sensor is a versatile camera that eliminates blind spots via four independently adjustable sensors to monitor extremely vast areas. The webinar reviews how they’ve strategically engineered this series for easy integration, unlimited field of views and more.

It also covers their advanced Thermal Biometric Kiosk and how it can increase the safety of facilities. As the wide release of the COVID-19 vaccine is still pending, businesses can proactively protect their facilities with contactless thermal measurement readings. They also review key differences between the Thermal Biometric Kiosk and our Thermal Body Temperature Measurement unit to understand which option best meets your demands.

To watch the webinar in full, click here. To learn more about this series, email salessupport@abscosolutions.com,  sales@vicon-security.com or visit www.vicon-security.com.

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Vicon February 2021 News & Updates

Feb 8, 2021 11:51:23 AM / by Vicon posted in video surveillance, video cameras, Vicon, 360 surveillance, V1000 360° Multi-Sensor Camera



Announcing the V1000 360° Multi-Sensor Camera Series


Vicon is proud to announce their highly anticipated, versatile V1000 360° Multi-Sensor Camera series. This powerful series is comprised of four independently adjustable sensors that eliminate blind spots so you can monitor extremely wide areas with just a single IP address and cable. It provides wide-coverage and is ideal for outdoor applications such as parking lots, airports, public spaces and stadiums, as well as indoor spaces such as commercial building corridors and warehouses.



These powerful cameras also deliver fantastic detail, day or night. With True WDR, the camera can overcome challenging lighting conditions during the day, while 131 ft of IR illumination ensures you can see every detail at night. IR and Starlight sensor capabilities provide options for low-light color images and clearer images in total darkness.

This series is available with 2 MP, 5 MP, or UltraHD 4K sensors—creating 8 MP, 20 MP and 32 MP models—to provide exceptional image quality for any application. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this durable, reliable and flexible multi-sensor camera is IK10 rated for vandal protection and IP66 to withstand the toughest of environments.

The Multi-Sensor Series is now available for pre-order. The 20 MP model will be ready for shipment in March of 2021. The 8 MP model will be ready for shipment in April of 2021. The 32 MP model will be ready for shipment in May of 2021.


To learn more about this series, email salessupport@abscosolutions.com, 

sales@vicon-security.com or visit www.vicon-security.com.

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