Minimizing Your System’s Total Cost of Ownership

Dec 12, 2022 7:46:55 AM / by Vicon posted in Vicon, security budget


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Vicon’s Roughneck Pro Multi-Sensor Recognized as 2022 New Product of the Year

Nov 11, 2022 7:30:12 AM / by Vicon posted in Vicon




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Vicon Extends Warranty on Entire Line of IP Cameras to 5-Years

Oct 10, 2022 5:10:20 PM / by Vicon posted in video surveillance, Vicon



Vicon Industries, Inc., a global designer, and manufacturer of video surveillance and access control software, hardware, and components, has announced extending its three-year warranty to five years, at no extra cost.

Having anticipated global supply chain disruptions, Vicon actively sought to support its customers by investing in stock, ahead of disruption impact and is one of the few to currently provide a superior line of NDAA-compliant cameras, all in-stock, compatible with most platforms, and now backed by the new five-year warranty at no extra cost.

Superior Line Of IP Cameras

Vicon reaffirmed its loyalty to its customers and commitment to providing outstanding products

The company, Vicon Industries, Inc., which offers one of the broadest ranges of cameras on the market, has been a globally renowned company in advanced security and surveillance technologies, since 1967.

Long known for its high-quality and cost-efficient technologies, Vicon reaffirmed its loyalty to its customers and commitment to providing outstanding products, by backing its line of IP cameras, including the popular PTZs, with an industry-renowned warranty.

Key features of the new Vicon warranty include:

  • Option for advance replacement for the first year (Silver, Gold, and Platinum Partners)
  • No need to issue a PO, before receiving the replacement
  • Out-of-box failures are always covered

New Extended Warranties For IP Cameras

The new warranty applies to any IP camera order accepted on or after May 1, 2022.

These extended warranties reflect the confidence we place in our IP camera line,” said Bret McGowan, the Senior Vice President (SVP) of Sales and Marketing at Vicon Industries, Inc.

He adds, “We know that longer warranty terms and short lead-times provide peace-of-mind for our integrators and end users.

To learn more, talk to your account executive, email, or visit

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Vicon's Acclaimed Roughneck PTZ is Now Available in 5 MP

Jul 15, 2022 12:07:55 PM / by Vicon posted in video surveillance, Vicon




You’ve already met our Roughneck 2 MP Pro PTZ camera, but we have another introduction to make. Meet the new Roughneck Pro PTZ, now available in 5 MP resolution for higher pixel density,  a wider field-of-view, and better forensic details like facial features and license plates.

This robust PTZ features everything you love from our outstanding Roughneck PTZ cameras: flexible and large field-of-views, IP66/IK10* durability to withstand challenging environments, and high-speed processing.

But as always, we’re designing cameras that raise the bar. This PTZ also delivers premium features such as Starlight low-light imaging, advanced analytics, and more.

The 5 MP Roughneck Pro PTZ is now available for immediate shipping.
*The lens cover for this PTZ is rated IK07.


Benefits at a Glance

  • Meets NDAA/GSA/TAA regulations
  • Get the perfect amount of detail to see facial features and license plates with 5 MP of resolution
  • Proactively detect events with advanced analytics
  • ONVIF-certified to work with most platforms
  • Advanced Starlight Imaging and Adaptive IR
  • Alarms and audio capabilities enhance overall security

To learn more about the Roughneck PTZ, talk to your account executive, email, or visit

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Vicon Expands Mount Options to Increase their Applications

Jan 11, 2022 9:59:12 AM / by Vicon posted in video surveillance, Vicon





Each application might require a distinct mounting method that allows users to leverage the full capacities of their surveillance cameras. As no two applications are essentially the same, it’s important that Vicon continues to offer versatile mounting options designed to meet the needs of our integrators and operators for any environment. As a result, we are introducing several new mounting options that expand the use cases for many of our cameras.


New Mounting Options

  • Pole Mount and Corner Mount Adapter for V2X00B
  • Wedge Angled Base for V2000D Micro/V2360 Fisheye Cameras
  • Recessed Kit for the 360 Multi-Sensor Camera
  • In-Ceiling Mounting Kits for the V2100D

Wedge Angled Base for V2000D Micro/V2360 Fisheye Cameras

This new angled base is a mounting accessory designed for the V2000D
Micro Dome and V2360W-12 Panoramic cameras. It allows the camera to
be surface mounted on a wall or ceiling to provide additional angles that the
camera itself doesn’t permit, eliminating any gaps that may be present with
a traditional mount. For example, a fisheye mounted to a wall would have
a large portion of the ceiling in the field-of-view, but when using the angled
base, the view is optimized to cover the floor to ceiling views. This is useful
for applications that require uninterrupted surveillance should a critical
event take place and further investigation is needed, such as in a casino.
Additionally, the V2XXX-WDG-PLATE adapter plate allows the V2XXX-WDG
to be mounted to a 4x4 electrical plate.


Recessed Kit for the 360 Multi-Sensor Camera

With increasing indoor multi-sensor installations, this kit is exclusively designed for our 360 line of multi-sensors, to allow for recessed installation into a drop ceiling, lowering the profile of the camera while still providing full coverage. This is ideal for applications that want a less conspicuous camera or prefer a lower profile, increasing the field-of-view such as in intersections and hallways.


In-Ceiling Mounting Kits for the V2100D

These mounting kits provide adaptable mounting options for drop or hard ceiling indoor a applications. These in-ceiling kits ensure a stable foundation in each type of ceiling; offering two options is key, especially when many of these domes are used in office type settings that have either or combined settings.


Pole Mount and Corner Mount Adapter for V2X00B

These standard Vicon pole mount adapter and corner mount bracket have been updated with additional bolt patterns and are now compatible with the V2000B-BOX for the V2000B Roughneck Pro Bullet and the V21000B-BOX for the V2100B Roughneck Bullet. When used in corner applications, such as the corner of a building, it can be positioned to achieve the optimal field of view.

To learn more about this, email,, or visit

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Vicon December 2021 Update

Dec 14, 2021 8:43:58 AM / by Vicon posted in Vicon



Happy Holidays from Vicon!

We have several updates to share as we end the year:

Supply chain issues - Vicon has seen increasing lead times for most server, storage, and workstation products due to a tightening supply of hard drives and processor chips.  30 days is now an expected lead time for standard server products.  Multi-unit orders and/or large size NVR units could take more time. Please confirm lead times and plan your Vicon product orders accordingly.  

Vicon does have cameras in stock and ready to ship today!  Let us help you with projects delayed by back-ordered cameras.  All Vicon cameras are ONVIF and certified to be used in all major VMS solutions. NDAA, TAA, and GSA approved.

New Camera Release -Vicon’s new V2020-WIR-360 multi-sensor camera product is being released this week!  They have plenty of stock and are ready to ship and are offering special pricing through December along with a 3-year warranty and free freight. This camera is ONVIF and certified with all the major VMS software platforms.

New Firmware -  Updated Roughneck camera firmware was released on 11/1/21 to fix bugs and improve video quality. FREE (no charge).  Please check your camera models and download new firmware for your cameras at the following link - - 

New Server Products - Vicon is now offering the “Shadow Elite” lineup of servers, storage, and client workstations.  All new internal hardware that includes a 5-year warranty and “Next Business Day” (NBD) on-site support when needed.  You can find more information about the new “Shadow Elite” product at the following link - -

Search Recorded Video - -  Valerus 21.1 VMS software includes Museum Search, Analytic/Alarm Event Search, and Thumbnail Search.  All of these provide different ways for users to search recorded videos for people, events, and activities. Please contact me for a 30-minute virtual demo of how these searches work at

Explosion Proof Cameras and Housings -  Vicon offers a line of Explosion Proof cameras both fixed and PTZ and housings available.

To learn more about Vicon products, contact your Absco Solutions account executive or email or visit

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Vicon Introduces Valerus 21.1: The Future of Video Management Systems

Sep 7, 2021 3:11:25 PM / by Vicon posted in video surveillance, Vicon




The next major expansion of Vicon’s acclaimed Video Management System (VMS) is now available. Widely considered one of the easiest VMS platforms to install and use, Valerus 21.1 adds and optimizes features, such as sophisticated alarms management options, newly added integration frameworks, improvements to their renowned health dashboard and more, strategically added to attain the goal of being the go-to VMS.

Evaluate the power and simplicity of Valerus version 21.1.


To learn more about this series, email,, or visit

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Meet Vicon’s New Biometric Kiosk

Jul 12, 2021 5:14:00 PM / by Vicon posted in Vicon, Thermal Biometric Kiosk, Biometric Kiosk, facial recognition technology, dual authentication





Meet Vicon’s New Biometric Kiosk

Move your access control system into the future. Vicon now delivers powerful biometric facial recognition, providing improved safety and precise dual authentication.

Take your standard access control and move it into the future. Our Biometric Kiosk takes access control a step beyond the rest, incorporating facial recognition authentication. This powerful biometric device integrates seamlessly with Vicon’s acclaimed VAX and other Wiegand-based access control systems. This highly accurate authentication delivers powerful protection for your security operation via dual authentication when used with a personal credential. This kiosk can be used as a standalone device or integrated into your current access control system, such as Vicon’s VAX.


Dual Authentication

When integrated into your access control system, it provides increased safety and protection of your facility via dual authentication. Dual authentication requires both a face read from the kiosk and a card swipe from the reader to have access granted or denied, delivering an advanced form of security. The granted access is based upon stored credentials in the internal facial recognition database.


Advanced Facial Recognition Technology

Boasting a powerful recognition rate of only 0.2 seconds, the facial access control device provides highly accurate and rapid contactless identification via an AI algorithm. It quickly identifies known targets and can store up to 30,000 contacts and 60,000 snapshots for thorough and detailed investigations or manual identification. It offers a long measuring distance and a short response time, with an amazingly high face recognition rate in less than 0.2 seconds, even with faces wearing a mask. What is truly exceptional about the kiosk is the precise anti-spoofing facial recognition technology. Anti-spoofing ensures that the stored credentials used to authenticate entry aren’t deceived. The camera intelligently depends on the liveness of the individual to validate entry. These checks help validate whether an individual is physically present or using a photo to spoof the system. All of this combined results in an effective facial recognition device that provides a high level of security and becomes an integral component of your larger security operation.


More Than Just Access Control

The Biometric Kiosk can deliver far more than just dual verification. It can also be leveraged to detect elevated temperatures or if a target is not wearing a mask. Engineered to help screen people for high temperatures, it provides contactless body temperature detection with forehead readings of approximately ±0.9° F / ±0.5° C accuracy and thermal response time of ≤100 milliseconds. If an elevated temperature or no mask is detected, the kiosk can send customizable audio and visual messages to ensure the appropriate next steps are taken.


To learn more about Vicon’s Biometric Kiosk, visit  Vicon Security.


To learn more about this series, email,, or visit

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Vicon Introduces the Roughneck Pro PTZ

Apr 29, 2021 11:50:31 AM / by Vicon posted in video surveillance, video cameras, Vicon, 360 surveillance, roughneck pro ptz, AI Analytics



Vicon has announced the addition of the Roughneck Pro PTZ to their renowned NDAA-compliant Roughneck Series.

The Roughneck Series has changed the way businesses deal with numerous federal guidelines. With a range of powerful camera options for all installations – at aggressive price points – Vicon introduces this PTZ as the latest addition to the lineup. With 2 MP resolution, stunning 30X optical zoom, and superior features such as Starlight low-light imaging, Adaptive IR, advanced AI-analytics, and more, it is easy to see why this PTZ is quickly gaining attention.

The Roughneck PTZ is engineered to withstand challenging environments and is IP66 and IK07 rated. It is ideal for installations in need of sophisticated perimeter protection, at a fraction of the cost.

Some of the truly exceptional features are the diverse processing options. It is engineered to capture crisp images day or night, providing operators with peace of mind and 24/7 surveillance. With True WDR, users can capture crisp details in both bright and dark areas of the scene. Powerful IR illumination reaches an astonishing 492 feet (150 meters) to provide clear details of your environment at night.

Not wanting to settle, Vicon takes this PTZ a few steps forward and packs it with both Adaptive IR and Starlight imaging. With just these two features alone, users are given the opportunity to enable rich image processing and strengthen the reliability of their security operation. Adaptive IR intelligently distributes IR light providing clearer backgrounds for great attention to detail; Starlight low-light provides sharp, vivid colors versus traditional black-and-white processing.

Vicon couldn’t just leave the PTZ with powerful imaging. It also includes extensive AI-driven analytics that can be tailored to meet the needs of any operation. Some of these analytics include line cross, loitering, intrusion, object left/removed, and more.

With all of these incredible features meticulously engineered and tested, the Roughneck Pro PTZ is truly an exceptional contender in the NDAA arena.

The Roughneck PTZ is now available for immediate ordering and shipping.

To learn more about this series, email,, or visit

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Vicon 360° Multi-Sensor Camera and Thermal Biometric Kiosk Webinar

Feb 25, 2021 3:52:47 PM / by Vicon posted in video surveillance, video cameras, Vicon, 360 surveillance, V1000 360° Multi-Sensor Camera, Thermal Biometric Kiosk, webinar



Join us for a Webinar!



Following the announcement of Vicon’s release of their multi-sensor and thermal kiosk tablet, Vicon released their webinar announcing both products on their website.

During this webinar, attendees were provided with a high-level overview of two greatly anticipated product launches: the release of the V1000 360° Multi-Sensor Series and the Thermal Biometric Kiosk. Both solutions are designed to proactively detect critical events and safeguard a number of infrastructures.

Vicon’s V1000 360° Multi-Sensor is a versatile camera that eliminates blind spots via four independently adjustable sensors to monitor extremely vast areas. The webinar reviews how they’ve strategically engineered this series for easy integration, unlimited field of views and more.

It also covers their advanced Thermal Biometric Kiosk and how it can increase the safety of facilities. As the wide release of the COVID-19 vaccine is still pending, businesses can proactively protect their facilities with contactless thermal measurement readings. They also review key differences between the Thermal Biometric Kiosk and our Thermal Body Temperature Measurement unit to understand which option best meets your demands.

To watch the webinar in full, click here. To learn more about this series, email, or visit

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