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Dec 4, 2020 1:17:55 PM / by Jennifer McInerney, Executive Assistant to the CEO

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We at Absco Solutions have a deep desire to serve your life-safety and security needs while using those resources to aid you in better running your organization. However, sometimes we assume we know what you want and act on that information without understanding what you really need. Well intentioned action is not the same as providing another their desired outcome. We want to be effective listeners and deliver you the products, services, and solutions you desire. In an effort to achieve this, we have done a number of customer surveys (both on-line and in person) and will be continuing to increase the ways in which we solicit your feedback.

The survey results we have received so far indicate the following key desires of our customers:

Be the Expert

Customers rely on Absco Solutions to be the experts and to be looking ahead of the curve for them. Our clients want us to make sure we consider their current needs and future plans; everything necessary to complete the project, and maintenance needs moving forward. We need to consider how your systems can expand or adjust to grow with you and meet the variety of changing external requirements. This is especially important in a time of tight budgets and uncertainty (like now).

We want to help you be the hero for your organization. This means providing you with strategic solutions, master planning and solutions to real business challenges.

Provide Clear Communication

We need to provide you with clear communication, effective planning for executing your work, clear channels of who to speak with regarding your account, installations, service, master planning, equipment orders and financial and contractual matters.

Provide Good Value

Our clients want a good value for their investment, which means that we need to align what is contracted with what will achieve the desired objectives, both from a life-safety security vantage and the desired operational enhancements.   Effective communications are crucial to achieving clearly aligned scopes of work. It takes active listening and positive feedback to stated objectives and goals. Providing best in class, high quality, products that can aid in producing real solutions, flexibility to address future needs and longevity of systems is key in every project.

Develop Lasting Relationships

It is critical that Absco Solutions retain team members that care about you, your facilities, and your needs. Site familiarity, processes that need to be followed, the types of systems you have--all of this is positively impacted by team members who have a growing familiarity and developing intimacy with your needs. Every team member on staff should be willing to put in the extra effort to make the customer experience positive. We are proud of the team we have and their desire to do the right thing for you. We are also proud of the longevity of so many of our team members, and of the longevity of so many of you, our customers.

Our CEO, Erick Slabaugh, has a saying: “the room is always smarter than he is”.   We believe we are better for any-and-all feedback you can provide us. We openly and humbly seek it out of a desire to meet your needs and be better tomorrow than we were today. Thank you for your help in making us the best we can be.

If you have any feedback, please visit our survey here or feel free to contact one of our team members.








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Jennifer McInerney, Executive Assistant to the CEO

Written by Jennifer McInerney, Executive Assistant to the CEO

Jennifer has been at Absco Solutions for over 3 years supporting our executive team. She developed her customer service, management, and organizational skills over 16 years of hospitality/retail management and 4 years of project management. She continues to enjoy developing her skills working with CEO Erick Slabaugh on a variety of projects at Absco Solutions.

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